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Hurricane Preparation Plan

Boating in florida, without a doubt, offers the most exciting and entertaining experience all year long for yacht owners in the u.s. south east. However the mother nature has a balance for everything on earth and this boating privilege doesn't come along worry-free.

It's well known that, inevitably, florida and the bahamas are the most exposed cruising grounds to wind storms during the hurricane season every year. Our staff at mare blue yacht services has been trained and equipped to help in preventing, as much as possible, the yacht's exposure to hurricane damages. This is accomplished by implementing a well-thought plan that takes care of the basic and necessary steps to protect the yacht and to try to minimize its potential to be damaged during a storm.

Our technical staff will perform the necessary heavy duty tasks and supply the typical storm-recommended materials to protect the vessels so the yacht owners can concentrate in taking care of their families, homes and personal belongings during those challenging moments. This service is especially appealing for out-of-state or absentee owners who would have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles (while leaving their homes) to take care of their yachts. Not to mention that insurance companies will absolutely see with good eyes the contracting of a preventive plan and, in some cases, it will be a requirement to pay for a total loss due to such events.

Please feel free to click the link below and review our detailed information. If you decide to take advantage of this unique preventive plan please contact us at or call out toll-free number (800) 658-6497.

Mare blue yacht hurricane preparation plan





• hurricane season from 06/01 to 11/30 every year

• up to 3 named windstorm occurrences at same price

• each additional occurrence at $640 per event + $260 each way for 1 captain + 1 mate to move the boat (if needed and remote dockage is available)



• remove and re-install all exterior canvas

• remove and re-install all exterior cushions

• remove and re-install all bimini and/or cockpit enclosures

• secure existing docking lines and add heavier spring and docking lines as needed

• add large storm-grade fenders as and when needed

• remove all possible flying objects from deck and store down below

• close and re-open (after storm) all seacocks below the water line

• disconnect the shore power cord(s) and re-connect after the storm

• inspect and make sure the bilge pump(s) are fully operational

• remove all exterior electronics and navigational equipment (if possible) and store items down below

• lower the exposed radio antennas in case of power boats

• secure loose items at cabin's interior

• if there is any remote dock location available provided by owner or mbys) to store the boat during the storm, mbys will move the boat at no extra cost if within the first 3 occurrences


1.the hurricane preparation plan is a yearly, one-time fee service; therefore it must be paid in full and in advance prior to the first named wind storm and is non refundable nor will be prorated if there are less than 3 occurrences per year. Boat owner must have the boat properly insured before this service is rendered since mbys will not be liable for any loses due to the effects of the storms.

2.boat owner understands and accepts that the forces of nature are totally unpredictable therefore mbys's hurricane preparation plan is contracted to be only a preventive measure to help avoid damages to the vessel; thus there is no guarantee that wind or rain storms will not damage or sink the vessel only because the boat is covered by the plan.


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