Mare Blue Marine Group

Maintenance Plans

Starting as low as $14/ft mare blue yacht services has created a comprehensive yearly yacht maintenance program that covers all.

From the basic aspects of the boat's maintenance to more involving tasks the boat owner can spend more time enjoying the boat rather than valuable time with the upkeep of the vessel (absent boat owners would definitely benefit from this program).

After many years of combined experience in the marine industry we have identified the most common causes of cosmetic and mechanical issues that most times prevent boat owners from being able to just jump on board, get ready, take off and start enjoying the use of their vessels. Simple issues like a breakdown of a vital $5 fuse, a defective bilge pump's float switch, an expired set of flares, a worn-out engine belt, a dead battery, a bad spark plug, an about-to-rip-off bimini top, etc can (and will) definitely ruin anyone's boating day. As our answer to these common and normal boat breakdowns mare blue yacht services has developed what we consider the most effective yacht maintenance programs to minimize as much as possible these unwilling events and to create an ‘added value' for our client's boats that inevitably comes with professional yacht.


Each plan has been elaborated taking in consideration the results of our own tests and experience based on the typical size, type, location and use of the most common pleasure crafts. For added convenience we allow for a certain degree of ‘customization' of each plan to better accommodate our client's particular needs to come as close to perfection as possible. Thus, we don't quote final prices until we discuss the plans with our clients.